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The UPAC Group combines Scotia Surplus Boxes and WM Watson Packaging into one division to create the UK’s largest second-hand box merchant.

As the industry reports unprecedented increases in cardboard prices and shortages become the norm, here at Scotia Surplus Boxes- we have never been so busy! WM Watsons Packaging and Scotia Surplus Boxes have come together under one roof to keep the wheels of industry turning with second-hand boxes.

 WM Watson buys the used boxes from companies, select those boxes that are re-usable and then resell them. It’s a win/win/win. Companies that would previously pay to have their waste boxes taken away for disposal, now get paid a premium for the boxes as they are sold as a commodity. Customers get heavily discounted boxes without suffering the frustrations of lead times and price increases, whilst we make a big contribution to saving the planet by re-using the boxes previously earmarked for waste.    

Due to shortages in the cardboard industry driven by the lockdown and online retail, WM Watson have found they are having to expand just to keep pace. A member of The UPAC Group, which is a collective of family run packaging business based in Scotland, W&M Watson & Scotia Surplus Boxes represent the beating heart of its eco offering and increasingly the driving force behind its growth. 

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